5 Things I do to De-stress

We always stress about something, it could be school, job, or a relationship. When we stress out too much, we would get sick, perform worse, stress out more and dead cycle. It is always good to give some time per week to de-stress. Every Sunday I will do at least one of the following five things to refresh myself and face those challenge again.

1. Isolate myself from others

I treasure personal time. I love the peace and being able to focus on what I want to work on. I usually bring a notebook to park alone and write down my weekly tasks or random thoughts. I write down my blog post draft too ;) I always feel refreshed and charge up after staying alone in park with those beautiful nature.

2. Eat whatever I want

Food is one of the precious thing in the world. People now focus more on their health and eat more healthy food. To be honest, healthy food aren't tasty. When you are cheese lover, sweet lover, meat lover, coke lover, or any food lover, you will know how satisfy you feel when you eat what you craving for. I eat whatever I want to eat for lunch on Sunday just to be able to stick with those super healthy diet.

3. Watch YouTube

I love watching YouTube. I can learn new things or just have some laughs. If I don't watch YouTube, I will read fiction online. I try to find funny video on YouTube when I am stress. I currently love watching video game with friends. It is fun to see they fool around together XD

4. Shopping

I found out when I stress out, I shop more. The main key for this de-stress is shopping but not buying, so you don't need to worry about money either. I am a weird person because I feel happy when I unchecked something from the cart XD I think this help me to decide what I really need too. It actually makes me spending less. 

5. Singing or Talking to yourself

I think I should put shouting instead of singing XD I love singing while taking a shower and while nobody at home. (So no one get heart attack XD ) If I have some budget, I will go to karaoke alone and crazy for an hour or so to just scream out all my stress. By the way, my singing sucks ;) I also love talking to myself. I can't explain that feeling, but I feel so hyper and good when I talk to myself. I recommend compliment yourself. It grows confident. You can say something like: "I am so sexy." or "My hair actually looks really good." Every time I compliment, I see myself more beautiful XD

These are few things I do to de-stress. I hope you find something useful, and I wish you always healthy and happy! Kick those worries out and enjoy our beautiful earth :)

Guest post by Maggie.


Style Editor