How to travel in style

Here our top 10 tips for traveling in Style:



1. Talcum powder takes any stain — including tough ones that are oil or cream based — out of anything, even suits.

2. Given the opportunity, always go with a multi-pocket jacket.

3. Always pack a black item, dress, shoes, pants. Trust us, it will come in handy.

4. Pack your clothes with dry cleaner plastic between items to avoid having them wrinkle.

5. Always travel with an extra shirt, socks and underwear — even if it’s just a day trip.

6. Order wine as soon as you can after takeoff, as the good stuff tends to go fast!

7. Be nice and respectful to all staff and fellow passengers no matter what.

8. Hang onto any foreign currency that’s left over at the end of a trip and save it for next time. This way, you’ll avoid losing money on transaction fees when you exchange back and forth.

9. Always keep a $20 bill folded up in your passport, as it may come in handy in certain countries.

10. Never travel without your workout stuff — stick to your workout routine, even if you’re away from home.

11. If you carry The Valencia with you, rest assured you will always have your phone handy along with your favorite credit card. 



Style Editor